Arupro Chemical & Agencies

  We are a world wide quality biodegradable products factory, situated at San Nicolas, Aruba.

 Arupro Chemical & Agencies was registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Aruba on May 12, 1999 (KvK: H47898.0).

 The company started as a representative agent. On December 2006 we started the installation of our own production plant.

 After officially presented formulations and samples to the health department of Aruba, we started minor production at Brazil #111.

  During mid 2008 we got the oportunity to purchase the property known as Van GallenStraat#4, situated at San Nicolas Industrial Zone. A mayor challenge!



 On December 2019 we opened an outlet at the east side of the production plant. Our National products and  agencies are available at the best price on the Island!.  

                                           PRODUCT GUARANTEE HERE IN ARUBA!

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